Door Frames & Door sets

Birmingham Veneers manufacture a wide range of quality doors, door frames and door sets, all bespoke-made to satisfy exacting specifications, with non-standard sizes being our speciality.

All manufacturing is quality controlled and fully certified to meet today’s demanding legislation, giving you and your client total confidence and peace of mind while delivering outstanding performance.

We are continuously developing our product range to meet the requirements of our clients.

Doors, Door Frames and Door Sets

• Fire performance – Non FR, FD30, FD60, FD90, and FD120
• Facing options: Veneered doors, laminate doors, paint grade doors, painted doors, inlaid doors 
• Assistance with design and specifications
• Machining service for ironmongery items
• Nationwide “white label” delivery

Specialist Door Sets 

• Acoustic door sets up to 41dB rating
• X-ray protection – lead lined door sets
• Fire resistance up to 2 hours
• Clean room doors
• Steel faced doors
• NHS and local authority specifications (local council approved supplier)
• BAA approved door sets
• Hotel and student accommodation packages
• Severe duty ratings

Stock Doors 

We hold stocks of crown cut Oak, Maple veneered doors

• 2700 x 838 or 926mm Wide x 44mm 
• FD30 Rated
• For immediate collection 

Contact us now to discuss your specific requirements.